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How Tutor Hunt Works

Find a tutor that fits your needs

Tutor Hunt delivers an easy way to find the right tutor quickly and efficiently. Join Tutor Hunt now and get started today!

Search through our huge list of tutors free of charge.

The tutors' rates listed here are likely cheaper than anywhere else, that's because 95% of tutors here at Tutor Hunt are on commmission free pricing.

Hiring the tutor that fits your needs

With our advanced search feature, you can discover many suitable tutors that provide services in your location. Communicate with as many as you want for free. Once you send your first message, we will create an account for you.

  • Enter your zip code to view a list of tutors within close proximity to you.
  • You can discuss lesson scheduling and topics you need tutored in.
  • Communicate with as many tutors as you like within our website at no cost.
  • View feedback and reviews created by former students.

How do we compare with other tutor agencies out there?

Tutor Hunt requires a one-time payment when you first decide to purchase a tutor`s contact details. We never take ongoing commission from our tutors like other agencies. This leads to the higher tutor rates to you, which we do not want.

  • Enjoy free registration with no fees required! You can register at no cost, browse, and communicate with our entire list of tutors.
  • Payments are made through PayPal, which can be done even if you do not own a PayPal account.
  • A lot of our tutors offer a first-lesson discount when you purchase their details.
  • Since 2005, Tutor Hunt has matched students with tutors that suit them best, delivering quality service without high costs.

Most tutor agencies pick a tutor for you, based on their discretion and opinions. Tutor Hunt doesn`t believe in that method. We know that the parent and/or the student know best as to what tutor suits them. Only they will truly know who is the right fit.
Most agencies generate income by charging commissions to the tutors, taking a cut from their profits. This causes the tutor to raise their rates to the students, in order to compensate for their loss. With lessons on scheduled basis, it really adds up quickly. The tutors on Tutor Hunt charge rates significantly lower than with other agencies, mainly because they have complete control since we do not charge them any fees for using our services.

The table shown below illustrates a comparison of costs between Tutor Hunt and other typical agencies.

  Tutor Hunt (average price) Agency (average price)
Finder`s fee £24 £0 - £60
12 x 1 hour lessons £252 * £480 - £720
Total (12 lessons) £276 £480 - £780

Your Savings: £204 - £504 per term (1 lesson per week for 12 weeks)

*  Note: Pricing is based on our tutors` average rates (as of April 2015)
†  Costs based on agencies we have contacted.

2. Booking Tutors

Tutors who signed up after 1st April 2019 become part of our booking system, which means we collect between 15%-25% of the tutors rate (or £4.00 for tutors who rate falls below £16.00 per hour). We believe this rate is substantially lower than most other agencies. The benefits for tutors on our commission structure is as follows;

  • You do not need to purchase their contact details, meaning there is no upfront fee.
  • We manage the whole booking process, and collect payments for the tutor, so you do not need to worry about transferring money or bringing cash to your lessons.
  • Scheduling lessons is easy to manage through Tutor Hunt, if you need to reschedule or cancel lessons it can easily be updated through our system, your tutor is automatically notified.


Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tutor Hunt?

Tutor Hunt focuses on one main objective: to bring tutors and students together. No matter what subject you need to learn for an academic assessment or even for your own self-advancement, we have the right tutor for you. If you are a tutor who is seeking students, we will help you discover them so that they can benefit from your valuable teaching skills.

How much will the lessons cost me, and who do I make the payment to?

Tutor Hunt is completely free for both tutors and students. We have no sign up fees of any kind. The only payment that you will have to make is for the lessons you have, and these are paid directly to the tutor. Each tutor sets their own hourly rate, and these are clearly listed on their profile pages.

How much does it cost to be a student on Tutor Hunt and where do I make the payment?

Payment is made on the website. Message as many tutors as you need for free. Once you have found the tutor suited for you, we will ask for a one-time payment. Many sites have large registration fees that have to be paid upfront and on a yearly basis to keep your account. They also take commission from the tutor, making them raise their hourly rates to you. To keep your costs as low as possible, we ONLY charge a one-time finder`s fee of £19.99 + VAT, period. This is the only payment you ever make to us for helping you find a tutor. The fee helps us maintain our website and attract new Tutors across the UK.

Making the Payment: How and Where?

To make your one-time payment, open the conversation with the chosen tutor. At the top, there is a green button that says "Buy Tutors Contact Details." Simply click on that button to get directed to our payment page. The cost for a tutor`s details is £19.99 + VAT.

How much do tutors charge me?

Tutor rates vary, depending on what the tutor decides. You can see their rates displayed on their profile page. That page will also display all their important information, like their teaching experience, qualifications, and subjects that they teach. Feel free to contact the tutor through his or her message box, located in the top right hand section of their profile page.

Zip Code

How do I communicate with a tutor on Tutor Hunt?

All you have to do is click "Search" at the top of the page. Enter your criteria, including the tutoring subject, the academic level (A-Level, GCSE, etc.), and your zip code. A list of matching tutors within your location will be shown on the screen.

In those results, you can select a tutor`s name to view their profile page. Contacting the tutor is easy: click "Not a Member" in the top right corner of the screen if you have not registered yet. After entering your details in the correct fields (address, name, etc.); you can send them a direct message. For existing members of Tutor Hunt, simply log into your account or make sure you are actively logged in before creating your message. Regardless of member status, you can start immediately.

What if I cannot remember my username or password?

If you forgot your username, click "Forgot Username" and follow the information on the screen. If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Password" and we will send you an email with instructions on how to reset it.

Where can I find my messages?

Your messages are located in "My Inquiries." Please make sure that you are logged in first. Click "Member`s Area" and then click "My Inquiries." From there, you can view all messages sent and received within your account.

What can I do if a tutor does not return my messages?

Our main goal at Tutor Hunt is to bring both students and tutors together. However, the tutor decides whom they want to work for, as well as with whom they communicate. We have no control over that. In many cases, no response means that the tutor cannot accept new students due to their current workload. However, a good tutor will let you know that by responding. If the situation happens to you, do not be discouraged. The right match is out there. It is always best to message at least 6 or 7 tutors so that you have an increased chance of receiving responses. It also helps to review the tutor`s average response rate that is found on their profile page. Then, you will know what to expect in the way of response time.

After you successfully communicate with a tutor and decide to hire them, and they agree; they will click an accept button on their profile page. A button will appear on your page, enabling you to purchase their contact details.

How do I leave feedback for my tutor?

After purchasing a tutor`s details, you are automatically given an option to leave feedback on their profile page. We recommend that you give the tutor some time to show their abilities and service before leaving any feedback. When you are ready, Click "Members area" and then "Leave Feedback" on the left hand side of the page. Write your response and rate the tutor out of 5 stars.

How do I temporarily deactivate my account on Tutor Hunt if I am currently not available?

If you do not need a tutor at any particular time, you can temporarily deactivate your account by clicking "Members Area" and then "Privacy." This will stop tutors from messaging you and a note will appear on your profile that shows your account as inactive. If you would like to re-activate your account later, just follow the same procedure.

Tutor Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a tutor for Tutor Hunt?

To create a tutor account on our platform, simply click "Register" under the login button and follow the steps. It is always free to create a Tutor Hunt account!

What do I do if I forgot my username or password?

If you forgot what username you used, just click "Forgot Username" and follow the instructions given. If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Password" and we will send you an email that includes instructions on resetting it.

Who sees my personal details and documentation?

Your personal documentation is not viewable by anyone other than our verification team so that they can determine your qualification status. Your profile page only lists your first name, town, subjects you teach, hourly rates, profile comments from students, and your availability. Specific contact information will only be released to a student when they purchase your details. At this point, they will contact you since you fit their qualifications and teaching needs.

Where are my messages located at on Tutor Hunt?

Your sent and received messages are located under "My Inquiries." Please ensure that you have an active login session before continuing. Click "Members Area" and then "My Inquiries." All messages will be available to view.

What can I do when a student does not respond to my messages?

Ultimately, the student chooses whether or not to hire you and their response to you is something that we cannot control. Perhaps your hourly rate is a too high or the distance you are willing to travel is too low. Documentation such as a state ID and qualifications help to increase your chances of getting student responses. You can always see what students have viewed your profile under the "Who`s found me" page in your account. This is helpful because you can attempt to contact them to show your interest.

Will my messages still go through if I do not accept a student?

Yes, every message that you send will go to the student`s inbox. Selecting "No" only stops them from purchasing your contact details. We always recommend that tutors find out more information about a student`s requirements before accepting them. In any case, messages will be seen, whether you accept the student or not.

Is a CRB/DBS certification required?

No, but if you have a CRB/DBS certificate, we recommend that you upload it to your account to strengthen your profile, in order to receive more opportunities from students.

How can I obtain CRB/DBS certification?

A CRB/DBS certificate can only be obtained through an employer. We know that most tutors will not have that scenario and therefore, your profile will still be active with or without a CRB/DBS certification. However, you should always ensure that a parent or legal guardian is present when tutoring students under the age of 18.

What CRB/DBS certifications are accepted on Tutor Hunt?

Tutor hunt accepts both Scottish and English Enhanced CRB/DBS certificates.

How do I upload the required documents to become verified on Tutor Hunt?

To upload documents of any kind, click "Members Area" and then "Verification." Make sure that all documents are readable! You can upload qualifications, your state-issued ID, DBS certification, etc.

How are my submitted documents protected?

We take privacy in a serious manner at Tutor Hunt. We are registered with the Information Commissioner`s Office and we encrypt every document you submit on our secured servers. Only the admin team can view them, which is required in order to approve your profile. ZERO documents are viewable by students.

How do I add an article that I created?

To add an article on Tutor Hunt, just click "Members Area" and then "Articles." Files and pictures are not uploadable so make sure that you copy and paste your work. Writing an article or even several articles can help boost your profile! To see some content ideas, visit our resources page. All articles that you submit must be your work only.

How do I edit my offered subjects and rates?

To edit rates and/or subjects, go to the members area and click "My Subjects." Click the pen and paper icon to change the selected information.

How do I temporarily deactivate my account while still keeping it?

For times when you have no availability to work with students, you can temporarily deactivate your account by going to your member`s home page and clicking "Privacy." You can edit your current profile status without losing your account. This blocks all students from messaging you. A note is displayed on your profile page that states you are not available. You can use the same procedure to reactivate at a later time.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tutor Hunt have an affiliate service?

Yes, you can find detailed information at Tutor Hunt Affiliates.

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